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Affordable Watches for Men (Ft. Armitron Watches)

Shop the Armitron watches seen in this video here!:

Estuniga tie review by Asad:
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Timex Ironman Timepieces became the best sports Watches amongst sports athletes and recreational runners alike and it’s now the worlds biggest selling sports wrist watch.

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  1. You started the video after 1min 25sec. Don't care about what u do. Just give the information what u wana say. Thank u

  2. just brought two watches a Tavan and a Jaccard

  3. Japanese quartz, mineral crystal, and over sized face? No thanks.

  4. whats with the robotic voice?

  5. Chino's Corner

    Smooth video! Btw if i wear a silver watch, does it have to match with the belt and shoes?

  6. I have a Beverly Hills polo club watch 🙂 

  7. Thanks for the mention. Really appreciate it .
    Will be sure to let more of my friends to come to this channel and shop from your store when it launches .

    Keep up the hard work guys. 

  8. If you want a quality watch for and affordable watch get an invicta pro diver 80 dollars you get a stainless steel automatic watch that is from a quality brand without sacrificeing look

  9. Great video Jose, keep them coming! 

  10. I'm sorry if this is off topic but can you tell me where does the tapering start when you taper your dress pants, on the knees or on the thigh? Also, do you get your pants tapered after you hem them or does the tailor put pins on the side of the leg so you can see how it looks tapered and then he hems it? (I'm about to get a suit from Combatant Gentlemen and I want to taper the pants but this will be my first time) Thank you for all your videos. 

  11. I found an authentic Patek Phillippe (appraised and confirmed by local watch shop) for $20 at a garage sale!

  12. Where can i get your leather Jacket, looks really cool man!!! Also what kind of watch should I buy because i never bought a watch before just cause I can use my cell phone obviously. Thank you! +Teachingmensfashion 

  13. Richard Martinez

    Nice Jacket. Do you like any kind of Metal and/or Punk? Most Metalheads and Punks I know have a jacket in that style

  14. You should do a review on movement watches and if they are worth buying. I am thinking about buying one but I wanted to know your take on them. 

  15. Where did you buy that jacket? It's sick!

  16. what's up with the static voice?

  17. Teachingmensfashion
  18. Дмитрий Иванов

    Часы не впечатлили. Туповатое управление. Знаменитую подсветку автор так и не показал во всей красе.

  19. anybody knows a watch that I can use to take to the water (surfing) and that can trace distance and time when I run? Without getting me broke :/ max I can give is 120€

    I don't need the tides thingy.

  20. youness bentaibi

    je veux achete cette montre .comment je fait…….j suis du maroc

  21. As an FYI, I just got what I thought was this watch from Amazon for $37; turns out, it's a T5E231 vs T5E2319J (as in your video); so mine doesn't have the FLIX technology… Agreed with another comment, it's more of a "sales" feature than a useful feature, but I do run very early in the AM, when it's dark, so it would be nice to see what my lap time is during a run. Oh well; still love the watch; ran with it this morning & it performed well.

  22. My battery needs replaced just over 2 yrs old. Indiglo function dims the whole screen making the display a blank screen. Meaning-time for new battery! Not the easiest job, bands must come off, 4 tiny screws on back plate, another internal screw as well. very delicate internals! Have read of several who ruined watch changing battery.
    FLIX = more of a sales feature than a worthwhile function, as mine only works if you take watch off and give it a quick snap of the wrist. AVOID MOSQUITO SPRAY

  23. Johnathan Switzer

    My teacher has that watch

  24. Great video , Thank you ! For more information on THE BEST SPORTS WATCH go to

  25. do you think that could with stand an airsoft bb? (6mm .2 gram bb shooting at about 400fps) please answer!

  26. Abdelkrim Boudjemaa
  27. ZacharySilva42


    Product Description
    Timex Womens Ironman

    TIMEX IRONMAN RACE TRAINER MID :: Race Trainer is the name, winning races is the game. The Timex Ironman Race Trainer is an elite digital heart rate monitor that helps you train to your heart rate zone, track laps, and calculate calories burned. Automatic zone calculation sets …
    For more details please copy the Amazon link above in your browser

  28. Nathan Maybrey

    Yep I agree about the scratch resistant lens and m battery lasted just over two years and have just got it change.

  29. fordbroncodave

    the battery lasts longer then 2 years, probably closer to 3 years. the face is a plastic of some sort unfortunately. thats the one thing i wish they changed was make it scratch resistant lense

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