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Choosing And Then Using The Best In Womens Dive Watches

The underwater world is a world unto itself with a beauty all its own that every individual must see. If you are a woman with a love for underwater adventure, you must look at the numerous models of womens dive watches, evaluate these timepieces and then choose the best one that your pockets can afford.

Before we discuss the ways of choosing and then using the best of these specialty watches, a differentiation must first be made that most first-time underwater enthusiasts will not know of. On one hand, diving watches are timepieces designed with a maximum water resistance level of 10 ATM, which is equivalent to just 100 meters or 330 feet. On the other hand, dive watches conform to ISO 6425 with minimum water resistance level of 200 meters (660 feet) and are, thus, suitable for actual scuba diving activities. Think of a diving watch as a functional lookalike of the dive watch.

Look for the Standards

With that being said, if you are looking for authentic womens dive watches, we always recommend evaluating these timepieces according to the standards set by ISO 6425. By the way, ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, an international standard-setting body that enforces global proprietary industrial and commercial standards.

A few of the minimum requirements for dive watches designed for both men and women are as follows:

*Minimum of 100 meters of water resistance
* Unidirectional bezel with a minimum of 5-minute elapsed minute markings coupled with a pre-select marker
*Clear minutes marking on the face
*Sufficient level of readability in total darkness at 9.84 inches
* Indicator attesting to the timepiece’s operation even in total darkness

Womens dive watches are also expected to possess specific minimum standards for magnetic resistance, shock resistance and chemical resistance. We suggest asking the sale staff for details about a particular timepiece on these aspects. Just keep in mind that diving watches will be differentiated from dive watches by the simple addition of these words.

You must also look for the strap/band solidity since it can adversely affect performance underwater. The best dive watches are made from stainless steel, titanium and ceramics although synthetic resins are also good materials.

Once you are satisfied that the dive watches meet the ISO 6425 standards related to performance, functionality and durability, you can then take note of other factors affecting your purchase. Your personal style, available budget and, most important, your frequency of use of these womens dive watches must be considered.

Use It to Many Functions

Whether you choose a dive watch or a diving watch, you will enjoy many benefits from these timepieces. For one thing, these watches are valuable in keeping you safe while underwater. You will be provided with information about the depth of the sea, the time elapsed since you dived into the water, and the necessary time for safe ascent. Too fast and too slow ascent can cause the bends, as any experienced diver knows.

For another thing, you can use these watches on land as well. Not only are these functional in terms of keeping accurate time but these are beautiful personal accessories that are always in on the trend.

So, if you must splurge on personal accessories, do so with womens dive watches. It’s like diving into a whole beautiful world of functional fashion

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