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Male Jewelry Guide – How to Buy Cufflinks – Watches – Rings – Tiebars – Style Advice for Men Click this link for a FREE 47 page eBook on men’s style and fashion. Male Jewelry Guide – How to Buy Cufflinks – Watches – Rings – Tiebars – Style Guidance for Men. Brought to you by Antonio Centeno of

Male Jewelry Guide – How to Buy Cufflinks – Watches – Rings – Tiebars – Style Advice for Men

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hey guys iam back with Top 10 of 2015 and all time list!. here you can find the 10 best , most popular brands of watches at high definition!
thanks for watching my video and HOPE YOU GUYS SUBSCRIBE! see you at my next TOp 10 lis guys.. bye =D

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  1. With coloured cuff links, should they match your tie, or be a different shade of suit colour. Thanks

  2. jeremiah berns

    A watch that I had not seen mentioned in here or really in a lot of videos on the topic are Skagen watches. They take a bit of a different approach to the mens watch in that less is more, large face but a thin watch. Great start up story as well, they can look very clean and simple and for a good price, i would advise anyone looking for a new watch to check there.

  3. Sherlock Smith

    Hello Antonio,
    While zipping through your channel, I found that you don't have anything about pocket watches, though I think they are a good point to get into a conversation with people and they are unusual timepieces, what do you think of them and pocket watch chains ?
    Thank you very much,

  4. When I do outdoor work I wear my Timex Ironman watch. When I am not doing outside work I wear my diver's watch. It's not a big size watch. It fits just right on my wrist. I wear a watch for functionality. I use my cell for making phone calls and my watch to tell time.

  5. jeremy martinez

    I was talking about something more like a boker kwaiken

  6. jeremy martinez

    What are your thoughts on pocket knives

  7. hey, i"m from Malaysia and i really like your videos. keep it up!

  8. i dont care, long sleeves and slack with sport watch = SWAG xD

  9. I watch you from Spain.

  10. Very interesting and useful videoes. However I do miss that all the talking is followed up with examples. Lets see some example of tie clips, cufflinks etc.

    Over here in Europe (except UK) I almost only see single sided cufflinks but from what I get the impression of your talking then silver and gold ones on the other hand here are much more common. I've never seen fabric cufflinks in real use here. Ofcourse there's a lot of non precious metal ones for those who find silver or gold too expensive (not that silver is that expensive you can even get steel ones which cost more than real silver if you buy them the wrong place or brand). Do you always wear that outfit? Asking because over time I have gathered a small collection of (used) cufflinks in gold and silver. From vintage French 18K to newer German 8 karat to silver ones. Bought either individually or as a cheap used lot where I know I'll keep some. Some I bought only to find out they don't really fit the shirt I though they would and some from a lot I kept only because when looking closely they turned out to be (partly gilt) silver and thought they looked retro in an old fashoined way not suitable today – for the fun of it tried them on a shirt I initially wouldn't have tried them on and I think they look absolutely stunning. One can be surprised!

  11. Is the video mirrored or the pocket on the 'wrong' side? -_-

  12. Hey Antonio, I am fan of brown leather jewelry. I have fairly think wrist, and I have been looking into investing in a brown leather cuff band wrist watch. I like the darker brown leather (almost black) as it matches a lot of my wardrobe. Can you suggest some buying tips? I am tall and skinny with a decent muscular build for my body type.

  13. im from Indonesia and i loved your video. watches is the only form of jewelry that i wear

  14. I love your stuff man. I feel like the shoulders on your jacket are "sagging" a bit. Do you feel that way or is that the way you like it to fit?

  15. Watches are always good, so long as they're not cheap or too tacky. Rolex watches are usually smaller around 40mm, they're fine. Many CEOs, lawyers, and business owners wear them. Just make sure to wear a slim understated watch if your wearing cufflinks. Precious stones are only acceptable after 6pm on watches. For the average Joe in a suit get a Movado.

  16. Real Men Real Style

    Thank you for your input.

  17. For generations it's been taboo for men to wear any other jewelry other than cufflinks, tie bars, and the odd ring or two. I think women like it that way, and want men to continue to believe it's not ok to wear necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Otherwise, the whole thought of jewelry gifting for women would have to change. They get it for xmas, valentines day, birthday, anniversary, engagements, weddings and so on. WOW! Men can wear whatever they want to. Equality just needs to be practiced.

  18. Real Men Real Style

    Thank you sir!

  19. BillCutting1855

    So pleased I've come across your channel! As a man in my mid twenties I need this kind of insight and advice on dressing and accessories. I can't wait to go out and buy a new wardrobe. I'm actually excited to go shopping now! Many thanks your videos are gold dust!

  20. Real Men Real Style

    You are welcome.

  21. AP anyone?

  22. dude be trippin' ever heard of Audemars Piguet?

  23. Very strange mixture of brands… Lange is Patek Quality, Citizen is dogshit…

  24. Wtf? Mainly MID TIER trash and only couple of truly luxurious pieces… Also why a piece of shit Tag is higher than Patek or A. Lange?

  25. really, Oris, Citizen, Tissot, Bulova are luxury watches? really?

  26. Breitling!!

  27. I STILL NEED “good pearl” MY HEAD


  28. ใครเป็นคนจัดอันดับครับ ไม่น่าเชื่อถือครับ

  29. Girard Perregaux?

  30. Tomasina Covell

    Oris is ugly!

  31. patek #1 Rolex #2 Hublot #3

  32. Nice watches! Check out my watch reviews and subscribe for me! Thanks 

  33. Quenton Millstid

    where's the purple watch from the picture

  34. Nothing special with Patek, Audemars, Vacheron, IWC. Astronomically high priced. Nothing revolutionary concerning technology. Noting more than old Brands for Prestige. With the same Price Seiko, Citizen would make revolutionary Watches. Don't let yourself be fooled ! Swiss watch industry will face difficult time

  35. I guess Omega doesn't know or can't afford to admit that the lunar landing was faked. Dah, we didn't have radiation suits for astronauts back them to survive going through the radiation belt. 

  36. Audemars Piguet? vacheron constantin? good list but I'd remove a few.

  37. MrStoneycool69

    Over priced pos……Seiko is best bang per buck.

  38. I have both the Precionist and the Man on the Moon. No way is Omega's flagship that low on the scale compared to an Oris.

  39. Mindless count. Was Better to put quartz chinese watch at top those sell for $2 a kilogram on footpaths. widely available and many people can afford. Please forgive Patek Phillip and Rolexes when grading Bulova and Tissot among them 

  40. Tag hauer over Patek and Rolex … ur joking

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