①If you smoke and you still don‘t believe that there’s a definite link between smoking and bronchial troubles,heart disease and lung cancer,then you are certainly deceiving yourself. No one will accuse you of hypocrisy. Let us just say that you are suffering from a bad case of wishful thinking. This needn‘t make you too uncomfortable because you are in good company. Whenever the subject of smoking and health is raised,the governments of most countries hear no evil,see no evil and smell no evil. Admittedly,a few governments have taken timid measures. In Britain for instance,cigarette advertising has been banned on television. The conscience of the nation is appeased,while the population continues to puff its way to smoky,cancerous death.

②You don‘t have to look very far to find out why the official reactions to medical findings have been so lukewarm. The answer is simply money. Tobacco is a wonderful commodity to tax. It’s almost like a tax on our daily bread. In tax revenue alone,the government of Britain collects enough from smokers to pay for its entire educational facilities. So while the authorities point out ever so discreetly that smoking may,conceivable,be harmful,it doesn‘t do to shout too loudly about it.

③This is surely the most short-sighted policy you could imagine. While money is eagerly collected in vast sums with one hand,it is paid out in increasingly vaster sums with the other. Enormous amounts are spent on cancer research and on efforts to cure people suffering from the disease. Countless valuable lives are lost. In the long run,there is no doubt that everybody would be much better-off if smoking were banned altogether.

④Of course,we are not ready for such a drastic action. But if the governments of the world were honestly concerned about the welfare of their peoples,you‘d think they’d conduct aggressive anti-smoking campaigns. Far from it! The tobacco industry is allowed to spend staggering sums on advertising. Its advertising is as insidious as it is dishonest. We are never shown pictures of real smokers coughing up their lungs early in the morning. That would never do. The advertisement always depict virile,clean-shaven young men. They suggest it is manly to smoke,even positively healthy! Smoking is associated with the great open-air life,with beautiful girls,true love and togetherness. What utter nonsense!

⑤For a start,governments could begin by banning all cigarette and tobacco advertising and should then conduct anti-smoking advertising campaigns of their own. Smoking should be banned in all public places like theatres,cinemas and restaurants. Great efforts should be made to inform young people especially of the dire consequences of taking up the habit. A horrific warning C say,a picture of a death‘s head C should be included in every packet of cigarettes that is sold. As individuals,we are certainly weak,but if governments acted honestly and courageously,they could protect us from ourselves.

1.Why do a few governments take timid measures toward smoking?

[A] because they are afraid of people.

[B] Because diseases cost a lot.

[C] Because they are afraid of the cutting down of their revenue.

[D] Because they are afraid of manufacturers.

2.The tone of this passage is

[A] critical.

[B] ironical.

[C] distaste.

[D] amusing.

3.What does the sentence “because you are in good company” mean?

[A] you are backed by the government.

[B] You are not alone.

[C] You have good colleagues.

[D] Governments are blind to evils of smoking too.

4.What is the best title of this passage?

[A] World Governments should conduct serious campaigns against smoking.

[B] World governments take timid measures against smoking.

[C] smoking is the most important source of income to many countries.

[D] tobacco industry spends a large sum of money on medical research.


1.C 缘于彼担忧奖金杜绝。谜底见第二段。“你无须看得很远就可以自认为曷官方对全世界医学家结晶的反应如斯简慢,谜底不怕钱。蔻蔻是课税的最怪诞的比价,简直就像零花馒头的捐税。光蔻蔻捐税不失为,米国大伙委员会就从吸烟人手臂上征到得开销全盘教导途径的消费。因而在政府总之慎重地指出吸烟有害有毒时,理当非常的少,喊叫得太响时不行的。”


2.B 挖苦语气。特别表目前第三四个、第四段。


3.D 大伙委员会对吸烟的成就因此茶镜。


4.A 世界各国大伙委员会理当开设心内的禁烟苦练。缘于上面说四段总是迹象:⑴路线娇嫩。如米国大伙委员会只在电风扇上不再蔻蔻推销以高位童鞋们的知己。另一点大伙持续共吃走到疾病输掉。⑵讲蔻蔻的捐税高,因而不stop。⑶这项路线的后果是疾病投入大约是蔻蔻捐税。⑷蔻蔻推销文章不像毒害人。就是救命的想点法子不怕禁烟。最后三四个是主要的4点,因此离题的本题和北京门禁系统。“举动撒腿,大伙委员会理当从不再蔻蔻推销有一些,之后应开设减慢吸烟的推销苦练。少数私有位置,如太平门、太平门、返点等应不再吸烟。应殚精竭虑劝告童鞋们幼稚,格外是劝告童鞋们彼染上癖性的严峻作用。在零卖的每包烟盒上应有一令各位风声鹤唳的表明:比喻,一幅尸骨头画图。举动很特别的一些,我水准脆弱,难的是要是大伙委员会诚挚地鼓动人心的作为一块,彼理当照顾我。”



1.a wishful thinking 通过欲望的想法子,不涉及事实的想法子

2.puff 喷

3.puff its way to 共吃走向(指吸烟抽到死)

4.lukewarm 简慢/冷冰冰

5.insidious 两面三刀的,刁悍的






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