The internet is a magical tool that lets you ship toilet paper to your residence, collaborate with folks across the world, and say mean things to strangers. The best part about it, though, is that it's totally up to you how you use it, and we're not here to judge. This kind of access would make you a superhero at any other time in history, but it's your prerogative if you want to look at memes.

互联网是一个不可知的的器具:它理当帮你将网购的尿布直送到家门口,帮你与世界各地的童鞋们合办,甚至你理当寻找去做个淘宝喷子。 但它最棒的合租房就在,少数都完完全全取决于你若何应用它。我并非来对大伙儿的寻找皮里春秋的。 这类淘宝链接途径能帮你演变成成了前史上任何工夫段的特别召唤兽,但要是你可想上彀多看看心里包的,也是你旁人的寻找。

If you do, however, want to use this incredible resource to better yourself and your life, you'd be well served to check out the websites below. Some are educational, and some are useful, but all of them are free and definitely worth your time.


Free ways to learn something


1. Class Central
Learning isn't just for eggheads and children. Class Central will get you back in the classroom without the awkward self-discovery and crippling student debt. You'll have access to recordings of full college courses, plus syllabi.

1. Class Central

补课不可仅捆绑于书生和黄口小儿。 Class Central能帮你还归讲坛中,除了然麻烦帮你形成刁难的人家自认为之旅或者令各位不堪重负的大伙儿债权人。 你都有次数获得完整无暇的上学方法事件,另有加上教育纲要。

2. Open Yale
Basically the same as above, except this one has you in a specific set of hallowed halls, namely Yale's. Other colleges have similar programs, but this one stands out.

2. 耶鲁上学公开课

这和上面我想请问网站基本也,只不过另外网站将你置于一系列特定的清高民校里首,也即是耶鲁上学的讲坛。 另外家里也许有类的计划,但这一个锋芒毕露。

3. Coursera
Coursera features classes put together specially for the platform by professors, complete with assignments and opportunities to interact and collaborate with other students.

3. Coursera


4. Code Academy
Code Academy will teach you the joys of coding and potentially the joys of making a bunch of money.



5. Duolingo
Duolingo is a great way to learn a language and is built around mini-lessons in a game-like format you might even enjoy. It's for sure a more productive way than Candy Crush to spend a train ride.

5. 多邦邻

多邦邻体一个补课讲话的好器具,它将一节节迷你方法网游化,甚至会帮你乐在些许。这绝对是一款比Candy Crush更风景优美的的途径来蹉跎你的轮船归途。

6. is the perfect way for a beginner to learn how music works or to just brush up on the basics.


Free movies and books


7. Open Culture
Open Culture has just about everything, including textbooks, movies, audiobooks, and ebooks.

7.Open Culture

Open Culture简直涵盖了每家本质,包括教程、电影、有声书刊和电子书等等......。

8. Documentary Heaven
The aptly named Documentary Heaven has a bunch of free documentaries.

8. 纪录片暗黑纪元


9. Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg features over 56,000 free books (available to read online and often as Kindle downloads). Most of these have entered the public domain, so if you're interested in a throwback, you'll find it here.


古登堡计划补足多出5万6千本永久书刊(可在线博览,且各个都理当下载到Kindle上博览)。 些许大有些资本的劳动权都开始了进去私有半壁,因而要是你当中间儿去的物资感喜爱,你理当在这边找它。