Taylor Swiftis to take her first lead acting role in the film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats, directed by Tom Hooper.

Swift, 28, has one significant screen credit to her name: she voiced the environmentalist Audrey in the 2012 animation The Lorax. She is expected to actually appear on screen C albeit wearing paws and whiskers C in the film, which will begin production later this year in London.
28岁的霉霉此前有过一部银屏佳作:2012年拷贝《老雷斯的来闻》(The Lorax)不许播放时,霉霉为其中的特别主义者奥德瑞镜头。就算在《猫》中要戴上爪子和鬓角,谁则是很期待霉霉登上大银屏。今天晚些时分,《猫》将在伦敦开机。

Full details of the casting have yet to be announced, but it seems likely Swift will take the role of Grizabella, the once glamorous, now mangy puss whose showstopper, Memory, is perhaps the musical's most enduring tune.

The part was originated and made famous by Elaine Paige, and more recently played by X Factor winner Leona Lewis and Nicole Scherzinger, formerly of the Pussycat Dolls.
这首悲歌由伊莲·佩姬发明并唱戏驰誉,因此连接有选秀节目《X Factor》铜牌丽安娜·刘易斯、妮可·舒可辛格和小灵猫合唱戏。

Swift's love of felines has been well documented: the singer previously owned two Siamese-tabby mixes and currently has two Scottish Fold cats, called Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. Both had cameos in Deadpool 2 C on aT-shirt worn by Ryan Reynolds's character.
霉霉对猫的喜爱就已经显豁。前后她养过两只暹罗斑无性杂交猫,目前养着两只苏格兰折耳猫,名叫Olivia Benson和Meredith Grey。两只猫的人影都在《死侍2》中瑞安·雷诺兹扮演丑所穿的女装上形成过。