A couple of months ago a video surfaced on the Internet showing a rather monstrous animal, calling it the 'World's ugliest animal'. As it turns out, it is a rare goat called a Damascus goat, also known as Shami. Now, this rare-breed has become extremely valuable, and according to goat connoisseurs, their price can go all the way up to $67.000 USD. This breed first received a lot of attention back in 2008 when one surprisingly won the 'Most Beautiful Goat' award in Saudi Arabia.

Damascus goatis abreedofgoatwith an unique head and mouth shape raised inSyria,CyprusandLebanon. It is generally used inmilkproduction. What's shocking about these animals is the difference between their looks when they're young and when they grow up. What seems to be an incredibly cute goat with incredibly long ears later turns into a monstrosity that could scare many people.

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1.网友解说:This one looks incredibly cute and fluffy .

2.网友解说:This one looks like a mixture between a brontosaurus with ears and an very confused looking sock puppet.

3.网友解说:Tumor, anyone?

4.网友解说:These are some seriously disturbing nightmare goats.

5.网友解说:The inspiration for Ludo in Labyrinth, his/her eyes are very beautiful,though.

6.网友解说:If they're out in pasture , they may crop their ears to prevent injuries and infections. Goats don't discriminate. They go wherever they feel like going, and those dangling ears are at risk of being torn.

7.网友解说:I know it's common practice to remove the tails from sheep because it prevents a ton of health issues, infections, and various diseases that they can get. Goat ears may be similar in this case, it looks like they may get in the food and knowing goats, they would chew on them and get infections and from there all of the above. But I don't really know too much about goats.

8.网友解说:Looks like that alien race tried to invade the earth diguised as goats. well, almost worked...

9.网友解说:I had to look at this for a while before I "got" it. I think he's actually rather lovely.

10.网友解说:Looks like something from Star Wars.

11.网友解说:Just hope it can eat OK!

12.网友解说:No time for pictures or autographs , people. I'm going to be late to the haridressers!

13.网友解说:Actually I think they are quite lovely in a funny way.

14.网友解说:I'm waiting for them to throw dollar bills...