With an already impressive empire of clothing and homeware, in 2015 high street retailer H&M expanded its offering with the launch of its own-brand beauty line.

Consisting of 700 products encompassing everything from makeup and hair to perfume and bodycare, the collection has been received well by bargain hunting beauty buffs ever since.

So much so that now the fast fashion giant has joined forces with one of the world's leading perfume houses to create a collection of 25 brand new scents.

Created in collaboration with Givaudan, the “wardrobe of fragrances” has been formulated by the in-house H&M team and perfumers Olivier Pescheux C a world renowned and award winning perfumer C and NisrineGrillie C a young rising star in the fragrance world.
和奇华顿分别成品的“衣柜香水”,由这个H&M配件团队和全国鼎鼎大名中奖调香师Olivier Pescheux或者香水界冉冉升起的长庚NisrineGrillie一样合办。

“We focused a lot on high quality ingredients, from the single note fragrances to the contemporary blends and the more nuanced perfumes that really highlight the origin of the key ingredient,” says Pescheux.

Featuring a wide range of different scents, the collection has been divided into three distinct groups; The Singles, The Reveries and The Essences.

The Singles consist of 10 different scents that revolve around a single note, such as vanilla, chocolate or yuzu, while The Reveries, in both eau de toilette and body mist, are 10 different blended fragrances that tell a story or convey a certain feeling with names such as Freewheeling, Sparks Will Fly and Above the Clouds.
(纯粹香型) Singles 构造有十款香水,以香草、口香糖或柚子等纯粹口气为主。The Reveries (幻想)构造有款香水淡香水和自身状况喷雾,10款范例也困难有阶级,就像应该描写一个来闻假如是命名为Freewheeling(随便)、Sparks Will Fly(海王星四溅)、Above the Clouds (岚之上)等等......。