The US university where a young Meghan Markle studied theatre is using the now Duchess of Sussex’s photo to attract new generations of students.

Meghan's photograph appears at the top of a list of illustrious alumni in Northwestern University's new recruiting catalogue, which describes her as a 'humanitarian and the Duchess of Sussex' - prompting some fans to question why her time as an actress had apparently been ignored.

The 37-year-old royal, who graduated from the Illinois-based college's school of communication in 2003 with a bachelor's degree and a double major in theatre and international studies, features alongside fellow high profile former students including the female chairman of IBM, Virginia Rometty, and the comedian Seth Meyers.
现年37岁的官府也没有,在2003年在伊利诺丽的东南上学结业,取得了广播剧与国际联络的双博士,与她同上学长名刺的另有IBM上班的地方的女子管理人员人Virginia Rometty和笑话坤伶Seth Meyers.

The text reads: 'You can do anything when you take a Northwestern Direction. They did.'

Other famous names who studied at Northwestern include the supermodel Cindy Crawford, actor Warren Beatty, the comic Stephen Colbert and the late founder of Playboy Magazine Hugh Hefner.
另有和她摆列在东南上学鼎鼎大名学长的假如是,超模Cindy Crawford,坤伶Warren Beatty,另有笑话坤伶Stephen Colbert和已故的《膏梁子弟》报刊开创人Hugh Hefner。

A snap said to be taken from the prospectus was shared by a royal fan account on Instagram on Sunday.

The fan, who posts under the handle @harrysmegri and has more than 29,000 followers, wrote: 'The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is at the top of the illustrious alum page in #Northwestern University's newest student recruiting catalog.'

The post has attracted hundreds of likes from followers, although some questioned why Meghan's brief bio beneath her photo made no reference to her acting career.

User @peoniesandpoems posted: 'Not sure why they didn't mention she's an actress,' before adding that Meghan's former career was 'a huge part of her identity'.

Another @rbnslesl2, posted: 'Nice, but would prefer "former actress, humanitarian, and Duchess of Sussex."

The former TV star appeared in seven seasons of the hit legal drama Suits, before turning her back on the small screen in 2017 and moving to London to live with her future husband, Prince Harry.