Lorna (Emma Dumont) and Marcos (Sean Teale) were the star-crossed lovers of The Gifted Season 1 when they were forced apart for half the season by Sentinel Services.

Lorna'sview on how to make the world a safer place for mutants is what is keeping the two parents-to-be apart in Season 2 and it's going to tug at some heartstrings .

The Gifted creator Matt Nix said: "It's pretty exciting. What I'll say [about Lorna and Marcos] is that while there are forces tearing them apart, there are also forces bringing them together. That's what makes them a compelling love story."
清和轩好伙伴异禀的仿制人Matt Nix说:“这很令各位美好。我要说的(相关洛娜和马可斯)是,有力量使彼拆解,除了这样也就有力量让彼重聚。这不怕彼的爱情来闻令各位着迷的问题。“

Even though Lorna separated from The Underground at the end of Season 1, it doesn't mean that she's lost all affection for Marcos.

In fact, she's actually trying to do what's best for him — they just can't reach an agreement.

"When Polaris left, she didn't leave to go be a bad guy. She left, in her view, because she wanted to create a world that was safe for her child and ultimately a world that was safe for Marcos as well," Nix explained.

"The fact that they are doing these things out of love keeps them in each other's orbits in a good way."

Even if Marcos is angry at Lorna for leaving the group, he'd never desert his child, but needless to say this is going to be a complicated custody agreement.