You've heard of the 'it girl', now Vogue has introduced the 'it boys' of the moment with its annual list of influential male figures.
你听说了“It Girls”(新意女子)概论,目前《Vogue》(《新意》)又提出了“it boys”(新意男生朋友)概论,除了这样发表了其春秋最有干扰力的男生朋友榜单。

Printed in the publication's teenage supplement, Miss Vogue, the list details the young men the junior style bible is celebrating in 2018.
《Vogue》在其年少轻狂的版号外《Miss Vogue》(《新意白领丽人》)上刊载了这一榜单,该榜单全方面介绍了2018年这本年少轻狂的新意宝典刊载过的青年小伙子。

The un-ranked list highlights 50 of the best examples of young male talent across music, sport, film and fashion.

The royals have also had an influence on this year's list, which features SHEKU KANNEH MASON, the cellist hand-selected by Meghan and Harry to play at their wedding as well as Arthur Chatto, the grandson of Princess Margaret and an up-and-coming Instagram heartthrob.


BROOKLYN BECKHAM, 19: Thrust into the spotlight from childhood, the Beckhams' eldest is now determined to throw himself into his passion for photography.

LIAM PAYNE, 25: The member of One Direction, Liam was selected for his fresh take on music, with Vogue pointing out that his debut album was one of the most anticipated of the year.

TIMOTHEE CHALAMET, 22: The actor appeared in critically acclaimed hits such as Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name, and was Oscar-nominated by the age of 21.

ZAYN MALIK, 25: The member of One Direction, Zayn is applauded for 'never losing his sparkle' by the fashion bible.

HARRY STYLES, 24: The member of One Direction, Vogue describes him as a 'national treasure' and the 'kindest guy in pop music' - and they of course clock his taste for high fashion.