Meghan Markle has no intention of meeting with her half-sister Samantha when she comes to the UK, her friend has revealed to DailyMailTV.

Samantha's manager announced the 53-year-old would be travelling to the UK this week in hopes of having a talk with Meghan to discuss the health of their father Thomas Markle.

A friend of Meghan's told DailyMailTV: 'There is not a chance in hell that Meghan is going to lower herself and meet with her half sister.

'Samantha is kidding herself if she thinks there is any possibility of getting together with Meghan, or anyone from the Royal family for that matter.'

She added: 'Meghan and Samantha are not close in the slightest. They never have been and it's doubtful they ever will be, especially after all of Samantha's name-calling and bullying.'

Samantha frequently lashes out at Meghan and her husband Prince Harry, insulting her with petty names, calling her a 'ducha**', and going as far as saying if their father Thomas dies, it will be because of her.

The friend explained that Meghan has long been dealing with Samantha who is 'very jealous' and 'always kept tabs on how much their father spent on her'.

She said: 'Samantha has always tried to drive a wedge between Meghan and her father, and this is no exception. It's no surprise that Meghan doesn't have a relationship with her.