25 Signs that You're on the Right Track in Life.

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1. You’ve discovered who you are.
1. 你理当旁人是谁。

2. You know what you like—and what you don’t.
2. 你会心旁人喜好甚么,不喜好甚么。

3. You’ve accepted your flaws.
3. 你赞赏旁人的美中不足。

4. You’re proud of your strengths and feel okay with your weaknesses.
4. 你为旁人的优点认为骄傲,除了然应该肯定旁人的美中不足。

5. You’re (mostly) happy.
5. 你(大有些时间)很幸福。

6. You have less drama with your friends.
6. 你与同伙友爱共处。

7. You understand that failure is part of the process.
7. 你理当败是生活的一有些。

8. You might feel poor but you have enough to pay bills, afford the necessities in life, and occasional fun.
8. 你大概感到穷,但你有水准去开销账单、忍耐得起生活水准必需品,屡屡也应该为生活水准请教兴趣。

9. You appreciate your family and advice they give you.
9. 你补情女同伙或者彼给你提的推荐。

10. Your apartment feels like home.
10. 你的旧居有家的感到。

11. You know how to stand up for yourself.
11. 你会心若何进行到对方身上。

12. You’re working for, or toward, something you’re passionate about.
12. 你所办事的正是你所关爱的。

13. You love going to work. It makes you feel fulfilled.
13. 你关爱办事,它帮你认为美好。

14. You know what you want and you go for it. You’re never afraid to ask for what you want and go to where/whom you can get it from.
14. 你会心旁人想要甚么除了然孤胆去谋取。你从不惧怕去谋取旁人想要的。

15. You never stop learning. You are curious by nature, keep pushing yourself forward, and thrive on challenge.
15. 从不停下补课的经过。你天然猎奇、大力向前,敢件敢当打。

16. You know what’s worth fighting for—and what’s not.
16. 你会心甚么是值得谋取,甚么不是。

17. You know when to be patient, when to rush.
17. 你会心甚么时间该持续细致,甚么时间该桀骜不驯。

18. You have mastered the art of letting go.
18. 你了解离开。

19. You are in control of your attitude.
19. 你应该打败旁人的心理。

20. You’re terrified of the future. But it’s the fact that you dream, and you dream so big that it scares you.
20. 你担忧畴昔。你担忧它是因为你对畴昔的爱慕明显。

21. You look forward to tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. You’re simply excited about what life is going to throw at you and what opportunities are available to you.
21. 你期待着今天、后天、下个月、下一两年。你对畴昔的生活水准、畴昔的次数认为美好和期待。

22. You love people. You love genuine people.
22. 你爱每个人。爱每个诚挚的人。

23. You’re open-minded and you are interested in learning new things and hearing about something new.
23. 你话题封闭,除了然喜好补课、听取新事情。

24. You feel blessed for being alive, being who you are, and having what you have.
24. 你好运旁人在世、好运你是你、好运你拥有你所有。

25. You smile while reading this :-)
25. 你正最新地博览这篇软文。